Physiotherapy is the treatment of diseases, deformities or malfunctions, by distinct therapeutic measures like exercises, heat, cold, electrical means, etc. Over the years, it has gained vast acceptance as a sophisticated and essential medical technology.
Dhoot Hospital’s Department of Physiotherapy employs a multi-disciplinary approach to provide the best physical therapy for patients across a range of medical departments. Hand injuries, Knee injuries, TKR, THR other conditions like – PID, low backache, cervical spond. Shoulder conditions.


Physical therapy has been redefined by the improved understanding of biomechanical principles. The Ortho Rehabilitation program for patients undergoing Illizarov method of limb lengthening and deformity correction, all replacement and spinal surgeries is a predominant feature of the department.

Neurological Physiotherapy

The very concept of the learning mode, human motor behavior and new theories on mechanisms of recovery following neurological injury have opened new vistas to neuro rehabilitation. Dhoot Hospital’s has a specialised stroke rehab unit that adopts principles of re-learning programs.

Cardio-pulmonary Physiotherapy

Chest physiotherapy is not only therapeutic but also prophylactic. It plays a vital role in the intensive care of a cardiac and pulmonary patient especially when appropriate bronchial hygiene techniques are followed.

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Exercise therapy including Neuro development techniques and sensory integration is used for rehabilitation in patients with delayed milestones and other neurological conditions like cerebral palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, etc.

Additional Services offered

Pain Management


Dr. Vinaykumar Balvantbhai Patel

Consultant Physiotherapy


  • Sports medicine, Neuro Muscular Physiotherapy.

8 Years

Dr. Rohini Ghule

Consultant Physiotherapy

M.P.Th in cardiovascular & respiratory sciences

  • Physiotherapy management in ICU, CCU, CVTS

9+ Years

Dr. Kiran Sonvane

Consultant Physiotherapy


  • Ortho rehab & sports injuries

4 Years

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