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Now we have extended our services to your doorstep.

Since 1998, SETH NANDLAL DHOOT HOSPITAL have been treating cardiac, cancer, orthopaedic and many more multiple illness patients with the latest equipments and state of the art technology like cardiac cath-lab, ultra modern cardiac OT, latest anaesthesia equipments, fully equipped pathology and radio diagnostic with MRI, dialysis unit, multi slice CT scan, mammography etc. The facility is managed by rural and urban population with special consideration towards the under privileged who cannot even support their families.

As always, we remain true to our tradition of providing high quality, accountable and affordable healthcare at home or in the hospital.

Our aim to start Home Care Services is to provide an ideal solution for elderly patients, post surgical and convalescent patients, stroke patients, or any other patients with temporary or long term disability. We provide a safe and economical alternative to long term or repeated hospitalisation.

Nursing at home:

Our home care nursing services range from nurse visits for minor procedures like dressings or injections, to full time day and night nursing care. Our nurses remain in touch with our doctors and our hospital to keep us informed about your condition. Our nursing staff is trained in activities such as injections, infusions, wound care, catheter management, parenteral or nasogastric feeding, administration of medicines, etc.

Lab Tests at Home:

Lab investigations often present a problem for patients. In some cases, multiple family members may need to repeatedly take time off from work to take the patient to the hospital or lab for these procedures. Our tests are performed in house by SRL Laboratories, one of the best known diagnostic labs. We collect samples and deliver reports at home.

Medicines at Home:

Call with your prescription. Our pharmacy will deliver at your home. You will find it much more convenient and economical to have your medicines delivered at your home.

Medical Equipments at Home:

We coordinate to arrange medical equipments that patient needs at home. Some of them are multi position hospital beds, air mattresses, suction machines, oxygen cylinders, DVT pumps, wheelchairs and stair climbers etc.

Palliative / Hospice Care at Home:

Stage IV or terminally ill cancer patients can take the benefit of palliative care at home. Trained doctors and skilled nurses will be visiting and monitoring the patients.

Physiotherapy at Home:

Physiotherapy at home is an ideal solution for patients having limited mobility. Our home physiotherapy services are suitable for orthopaedic patients, patients that have undergone joint replacement surgery, stroke patients etc.

Dietitian at Home (on demand):

We provide dietitian services at your doorstep and convenience. Nutritional counselling and individualised dietary plans are given to those having nutritional disorder, special dietary needs, obesity issues, etc.

Speech Therapy at Home:

Speech related problems are common and come in various forms including dysarthria, voice and articulation difficulties. Often with speech therapy and some strategies, many patients can improve their speech and communication skills. Our speech therapists treat the needed patients in their comfort zone.

Emergency Case

If you need a doctor urgently outside of Seth Nandlal Dhoot Hospital's OPD hours, call our 24 hour emergency appointment number +91 0240- 2478400, 2478500, 2478600 for immediate assistance.

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Our Doctors are contributing immensely towards spreading the message of prevention and cure, to generate public awareness on common health issues.

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