Prevention and cure of head Injuries – Message by Dr. Anand Dank.

Dr. Anand Dank, Neurosurgeon talks about head injuries. He noted that India is the country with the largest number of incidents on head injuries. It is therefore important to raise awareness about head injuries. 60% of head injuries are because of road accidents, other 40% are due to other reasons, such as taking a fall, indulging in fights etc.

For every 6-7 min, there is a death due to head injury in India. In the USA, 1 out of 25 people die due to head injury, but in India, 1 out of 6 people die due to head injury. The reason being that post traumatic care is not available to people in India, within the next 2-3 hours of injury. This makes it even more important to be raise awareness about head injuries.

Message continued in video.


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