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Dr. Shakeeb Khan

Dr. Khan has been serving as a Consulatant Ophthalmologist, Phaco and Anterior Segment Surgeon since 2017.

Speciality Consultant Ophthalmologist, Phaco and Anterior Segment Surgeon
Qualification FICO, DNB, DO, MBBS.
Areas of Expertise
  • Direct & Indirect Ophthalmoscopy
  • Manual Refraction and Retinoscopy
  • Applanation, Non contact & Indentation Tonometry
  • Gonioscopy using 3 & 4 mirror Goniolenses
  • Phacoemulsification, complicated Cataract surgeries
  • Medical and Surgical Retina


Presentations and Conferences:

  • Poster presentation: Comparison of Corneal Endothelial Cell loss during Phacoemulsification in Diabetic patients when Continuous Anterior Chamber Maintainer with Balanced Salt Solution Plus is used with versus without Ophthalmic Viscosurgical Device – A Randomized Controlled Trial. Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society Conference (MOSCON), 2016.
  • Poster presentation: Unilateral upper eyelid coloboma management in an Infant – The challenges between Time of Intervention and Prevention of Amblyopia. Bombay Ophthalmological Association Conference (BOA), 2014.
  • Poster presentation: Rare presentation of Unilateral Ocular Albinism like features in a young girl. Interdisciplinary Research Conference (IRCON), Aurangabad, 2013.
  • Poster presentation: Diabetic Retinopathy and Global Blindness. Interdisciplinary Research Conference (IRCON), Aurangabad, 2012.
  • Paper presentation: Uses of Amniotic Membrane Grafting in Ocular Surface Disorders. Marathwada Ophthalmology Society Conference (MARAPCON), Nanded, 2012.
  • Delegate member: All India Ophthalmological Society (AIOS); 2012, 2013 and 2015.

Academic Achievements:

  • Second Place in the University, D.O. exams, June 2013. (Maharashtra University of Health Sciences)
  • 70% aggregate score, first and second year MBBS.
  • 91% aggregate score, Physics, Chemistry and Biology Class XII Board examination.

Professional Skills:

  • Over 7 years of experience :
    • Comprehensive Ophthalmology medical and surgical setup.
  • Conduction and Interpretation of OPD Procedures :
    • Direct & Indirect Ophthalmoscopy
    • Slit-lamp Biomicrocopic examination
    • Fundus examination using 90D, 78D lenses
    • Manual Refraction and Retinoscopy
    • Applanation, Non contact & Indentation Tonometry
    • Gonioscopy using 3 & 4 mirror Goniolenses
    • Perimetry (conduction and interpretation of Humphrey’s and other field analysis charts)
    • Biometry, Keratometry.
    • Nd-YAG laser Capsulotomy & Iridotomy
    • Sub conjunctival, Sub tenon, Orbital floor, Intracameral and Intravitreal Injections
    • FFA, OCT, Fundus Autofluorescence, Corneal Topography charts interpretation
    • Placement of Bandage Contact Lens
    • Incision and Drainage procedures
    • Suture removal, corneal foreign body removal on Slit lamp etc.
  • Independent conduction: Retinal Lasers and Intravitreal Pharmacotherapy for
    • Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinal vein occlusions, Retinal Vasculitis, Chorioretinitis peripheral retinal degenerations with Retinal holes etc.
  • Medical management:
    • All types of Primary and Secondary Glaucomas.
    • Optic Neuritis, Neuroretinitis, Retrobulbar Neuritis.
    • Blunt Ocular Trauma causing Subconjunctival Hemorrhage, Corneal Epithelial Injury, Hyphaema etc.
    • Acute and Chronic Uveitis.
    • Corneal Ulcer, Endophthalmitis, Panophthalmitis, Preseptal Cellulitis, Orbital Cellulitis
  • Pre and Post Operative patient care: Ophthalmology IPD.
  • Comprehensive surgical management :
    • All types of simple and complicated Cataracts by Phacoemulsification, SICS, ECCE and ICCE. Performed over 6000 Cataract surgeries, routinely performs 4 to 6 Cataract surgeries in every OT, most of them by Phacoemulsification. Well versed with the use of Premium Foldable IOLs. (unifocal, multifocal, toric etc.)
    • Posterior Capsular Rent with Anterior Vitrectomy and SFIOL / in the bag / in sulcus / Iris claw / Anterior Chamber IOL placements.
  • Surgical management :
    • Pterygium by Bare Sclera, Conjunctival Autograft, and Amniotic Membrane Graft with sutures and with glue.
    • Anterior Segment Trauma (surgical repair of Conjuctival lacerations, Corneoscleral tears, Iris trauma, Traumatic Cataract)
    • Chronic Dacryocystitis by DCR and DCT, I & D for Acute Dacryocystitis.
    • Glaucoma by Trabeculectomy
    • Horizontal squints.
    • Ptosis correction.
    • Lid Masses (Dermoid cyst, Lipoma etc), Entropion and Ectropion corrections. Blepharoplasties.
    • Chalazion. Evisceration and Enucleation.
  • Assisted :
    • Vitrectomies for RD, VH, IOFB removal and Scleral Buckling procedures for RD. Observed vitrectomies for ERM removal, Macular hole, TRD etc.
    • Surgeries for Complex Strabismus and Ptosis corrections.
    • Orbitotomies for intraorbital mass and TED.
    • Penetrating Keratoplasties. Anti Glaucoma Valve Placements.

Field of Interest:

Phacoemulsification, complicated Cataract surgeries, Medical and Surgical Retina.


  • Trained with stalwarts in the field of Ophthalmology.
  • Comprehensive and protocol based management of variety of emergent, acute and chronic ocular diseases, independently. Independent conduction of common Anterior Segment Intraocular surgeries, common Oculoplasty procedures, Retinal laser procedures and Intravitreal pharmacotherapy.
  • Well versed with protocol based conduction and interpretation of all latest technologically advanced investigations in the field.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and empathetic approach.
  • Research experience with paper and poster presentations.
  • Excellent team worker with good organizational skills.

Professional Affiliations:

Member of :

  • All India Ophthalmological Society
  • Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society

Medical Practice Details.

Consultant Ophthalmologist, Phaco and Anterior Segment Surgeon

Dr. Shakeeb Khan has been serving as a Consultant Ophthalmologist, Phaco and Anterior Segment Surgeon at Seth Nandlal Dhoot Hospital since 2017.

Senior Resident Ophthalmology

Dr. Shakeeb Khan was a Senior Resident Ophthalmology at ESIC Hospital and PG Institute for Medical Education and Research, Mumbai.

Ophthalmology Resident for Diplomate of National Board (D.N.B.)

Dr. Khan was an Ophthalmology Resident for Diplomate of National Board (D.N.B.) at PD Hinduja Hospital Medical Research Centre, Mumbai.

Medical Retina and Uveitis fellowship

Dr. Khan completed his fellowship in Medical Retina and Uveitis from PD Hinduja Hospital Medical Research Centre, Mumbai.

Ophthalmology Resident for Diploma in Ophthalmology (D.O.)

Dr. Khan was an Ophthalmology Resident for Diploma in Ophthalmology (D.O.) at Government Medical College and Hospital, Aurangabad.

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